Travel Page

Over the last 25 years we have travelled to many far away places.  I used to carry around a huge bag with all kinds of lenses and camera attachments. This was actually getting in the way of my mobility, not to mention the irritation I caused to my family as I set up the camera spending a lot of time fussing over F numbers etc., When I realized Galen Rowell I'm not, I simplified my equipment - now I just carry a compact Nikon Coolpix 990.

I don't wait for Rainbows any more - just click pictures when I feel like it and zap the bad ones off later. What I really like to do is to take candid pictures of the locals, but I'm not showing any of them here because of model release hassles. Besides, I do respect their privacy. 

Click on the links below for a sampling of pictures organized by location.


Holland - Kukenhof

Space Shuttle